SERVICES INCLUDE:1) INITIAL EVALUATION TO DETERMINE THE SEVERITY OF THE PROBLEM, SO WE CAN MATCH THE EXACT PROBLEM WITH THE PROPER LEVEL OF CARE.2) Individualized treatment plans are developed to meet the exact needs of each client.3) The hall mark for Rickman Recovery has always been to provide personalized care with full respect, perserving the dignity  of the individual.4)  Both (S/T) short term & (l/T) long term services are always available. We recognize that addictive disorders is a comprehensive condition, effecting the client, physically. psychologically, neurologically,& spiritually. understanding that the identiflying nature of addictions is relapse, is why our program does not condemn the individual but we understand that the individual that relapses needs help now more than ever!!.5) Often we see clients wih co-occuring disorders,eg; Bipolar, mania, severe depression, with our 32 years of experience we have developed a net-work of behavioral therapist to address all issues the client is suffering from.6) Rickman Recovery has always put a high level of need to treat the immediate & extended family systems & provide a means for improving the dysfunctional family system, we have seen so many individuals & families benefit from this treatment.
Adult/Adolescent Services
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